Hosting Docker Denali
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Hosting Docker

Free while in Beta


You can access to the platform in SSH mode, root user. The docker platform can run all images you like. Otherwise a set of preconfigured images are at your disposition: wordpress, joomla, prestashop. Just setup and run.


All the platform is hosted on Denali Storage. You dont need a third party storage system. Images with the default template, already prepared, are ready to use. Run your WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and many others in seconds.


Access to environment with SSH, root. Graphical interface for managing the docker platform (rancher) is ready to go (your github account is needed). Create, destroy and reboot containers the command line or GUI.

Docker Hub

Simple images ready to go for quick install of basic applications:
WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, ownCloud
ready in seconds!
Just pull the image from docker hub registry!

Go on Docker Hub Denali

Why Denali Docker?


Docker preinstalled and configured


Denali images ready for use


Denali internal storage. No third party


Management container autonomous


Rancher included at no cost

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For the duration of the Beta period, there will be no charge for use of the infrastructure. Normally this service is supported to a domain name, which has only the standard cost of registration.